Recommended as the first step in developing your wardrobe. A wardrobe consultation is a 1-on-1 in-depth image assessment with Christopher Djordje. This signature experience is designed to discuss your current wardrobe and image practices as well as design a plan for improvement. 3 hours in length,  wardrobe consultations are curated to build a strong rapport with you and develop a keen sense of your personal style, or lack thereof. A strategic process examines colors, cuts and fabrics that are fitting to your body type, age, lifestyle and skin tone. The session will cover the following:

-Style assessment

-Full Body Measurements

Assessment of wardrobe basics and essentials. 

-REMOVAL of items that do not coincide with our discussed vision.

-Development of your Personal Shopping Planto add the needed items for your new style. 

Personal Shopping sessions are significantly more efficient after a wardrobe consultation. Wardrobe consults prevent duplicates and aid in selecting better matches for pieces you already have.

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