Style Shakeup, Have Some Fun


Developing a signature style is one of my paramount teachings. Let’s face it, identity is important to all of us, no matter how cool or uncool you think that you are. Once you figure out what makes your style all your own, you should take some time to explore outside of that as well. I describe my style as classic, with a touch of trend and a twist of panache. While I am pretty consistent in that, every now and then I like to play and switch it up! Clothes are fun, it’s dress up, take some opportunity to explore.

I generally take the opportunity to play with style when I travel. I encourage you to do the same. When you’re in an unfamiliar, exotic or unique environment it’s prime time to to shake it up! In these scenarios you’re typically surrounded by less people that you know, so you’re less inclined to feel criticized. More-so, you’ll be inspired by a different landscape, climate and culture that will encourage you to venture out of your norm.

Going to a new country is a sure fire way to get me energized and experiment with my style. I recently spent a few weeks in Europe for the first time and I let my fantasy have it’s way as I thought, “What does #CPD look like in Europe?” He definitely doesn’t look the same as he looks in the states! The Europeans are much more carefree. The gender lines are blurrier, the shilouettes are sleeker and expression is encouraged. Here’s what I went for.

1st Stop: PARIS


Well, turns out I’m blonde in Europe! As I was selecting wardrobe there was something bubbling in me that just wanted to job out. Some extra expression beyond my clothing. Turns out he’s a blonde. Parians are chic. When I think Paris I think classic patterns, pale colors, berets, and clean lines. So, this simple chic look made my day as I played with pale pink pants and a classic dotted shirt.

I typically would never wear purple. I don’t like the color in general. However these lavender pants spoke to me and they said “Oui Oui.” Chic is the Parisian way so I kept is clean with a stark white shirt and Celine sunnies to blend with the locals. Topped it off with my trench as I sauntered around the Eiffel Tower and ate cheese in the city center.


2nd Stop: Amalfi, Italy


Mafias, gaudy gold, bare chests and wine. Those were my Italian thoughts. I create mood boards in my mind when I get dressed and I make all of my thoughts and feelings about a place into colors. I paint with those colors in my mind and then meld them together into a look. Playing around on the coast of Italy while eating fresh seafood and drinking limoncello with gold chains and head scarves was a memory I’d never forget.


My next stops were Greece and Amsterdam…..

hang tight to see how those turned out!

How does your style change when you travel? Comment below!