Women's 5 Big Fashion No No No's

 I'll admit, fashion can be tricky. So tricky that you can confuse it with actual style! But, in the journey of discovering your true lane of fashion and style, there are some major pitfalls you can avoid. Trends can be enticing and sometimes we can get a bit too attached and not know when to let them go. You've got to know when to hold em' and when to fold em'.  Below are some major fashion no no's that women commit way too often.

1. Overdosing On Accessories


 Accessories are pivital in completing a look, but be precise in selecting the right items to compliment the look, not kill it. Many fashion laymen don't understand that accessories are far more than the obvious bracelets, earrings, necklaces and the such. An accessory is anything that is an additional to your foundational pieces (top and bottom). An accessory can be buttons, nails, makeup, shoes, and even piping in your your coat or pants. When getting dressed, consider the whole ensemble and how each detail makes an affect on the overall look. Wearing every accessory you love can ruin your look fast! If you've ever felt even the slightest inclination that it's too much, take something off. You don't need all those bangles! Lil Kim here opted go go for large hair, colored shoes, sparkle, bright nails, chunky necklaces, knuckle rings and clown makeup. Don't let this happen to you. 

2. Ill Fitting Clothes


Fit is everything! Even a basic look, jeans and a t-shirt can look amazing if its fit to perfection. It's such a shame to have an amazing outfit that doesn't fit appropriately.

I know how much it hurts to find an article of clothing at a great price, but doesn't quite fit. Sacrifice and spend the extra coin to have it altered. It's worth it.  Too tight, too long, too short, too anything is a bad look. Major key to a successful wardrobe, make friends with a great tailor! It's worth the money. 

3. Eyebrows

The Housewives, Atlanta in particular have ruined impressionable young women interested in fashion. Their over-the-top gay stylists have gone too far in convincing everyone that more is more!

      Your hair, makeup, skin and nails add to your overall look. Eyebrows have become such a craze and major focal point of the face. It's a point that should remain forever, but so many are so carried away with it that they do more harm than good. The use of artificial measures (makeup, creams, plucking, waxes etc.) to manicure eyebrows is to enhance the natural look of them, not to look like a foreign object. 

        It's become TOO MUCH! Contouring, highlighters and concealers should be your friendSimplicity and natural is the way to go. When eyebrows become too dramatic from all the highlighter and concealer, they become an accessory on your face that probably doesn't match with anything. 


4. Platform Shoes

We're done with them. I know you probably own quite a few and spent a ton on em a few years back, but stop. You look like a kid getting dressed up for a quincenera. Platformed shoes are petulant and are not to be worn unless you're extremely skilled on how to pull the look off. Platforms get theatrical real easy! 

At minimum if you're going to do a platform pump, make sure it's a covered platform. Make sure the platform is less than 1/3 inch thick or less. And get rid of any sparkly platform anything! You're not a showgirl on Broadway.


5. Acrylic Nails.


Does this require explanation? Very few exceptions to this no no.  I'm going to assume you've got this one.

Opt for rounded to your nails. Designs and embellishments can be fun on occasion, but for a timeless look, oot for a solid color. Consider your age and lifestyle in your selection. There' nothing more petulant than seeing a grown women with rainbow colored too long nail claws with flowers and stones. 

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