Shake Up Your Style, Part II

Next Stop: Greece

Greece is a dream! A dream dream! I was most excited about visiting Greece. I envisioned serenity, flowing garments, wind, freshness and clean linen. That may not make much sense to you, but it paints a picture in my mind, I’m sitting right in the middle of it wearing….


Harem pants! That’s what I need some harem pants. I didn’t own any and baggy is never my thing, but I felt these in my spirit. After getting the perfect pair I wanted to the fresh clean linen feel and opted for a crisp white half buttoned shirt that made it a simple yet expressive look. The sandals were also a new find as I didn’t own any! I’ve never been a big fan of sandals and never found them stylish as when I was growing up they were big and bulky. But, what I s a Grecian God to wear on his feet? This Etsy find hit the spot. I felt right at home. I’d never wear this back at home in Atlanta, but how perfect for breezing through the cliffs of Mykonos.


When else can my big black ass wear HOT PINK from head to toe?! It’s only fitting for zipping through Grecian beach clubs. I had this vision of a bright ball of color and specifically pink against my dark skin as I charmed my way to free cocktails at Lohan Beach Club in Mykonos. I scoured stores and the net to seek such a thing and never saw anything close to what I was going for that wasn’t a million dollars.

UNTIL! A black designer I follow on Instagram, Lee Rickie, previewed a look from his upcoming spring collection while traveling abroad. “OMG! That’s it and he gets it!”, I thought to myself. Snagged this one immediately. Highly recommend Lee Rickie Collection for unique menswear with great quality.



I have a slight obsession with Amsterdam after my visit. It was just as lovely as I imagined and I could easily live there. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of fashion, but I definitely felt bold. A striking color and a pattern of some sort was absolutley called for. Cowboy demin?! I didn’t see that on the radar, but I’m so glad it showed up! What does a modern cowboy in the city look like? That’s me!

I let my creativity flow with this blonde hair. There were no rules. I was parading down those dutch streets looking to wrangle some cattle! My leopard pony haired belt accompanied me and the beautiful Amsterdam scenery served as a perfect backdrop to my shenanigans.