Basics and Essentials for EVERY Style

No matter how you’d describe your style. No matter your age, size or shape you’ll need some basic and essentials in your wardrobe. These items are the staples that are the foundation of your look. Of all of our looks! Fashionistas and plain Jane’s alike require a key set of items that make their wardrobe functional. Surely, true style isn’t just about functionality, but if you’re going to be amongst the rest of us out here in the world, style or not, you’re going to need some basics to make this work!

I have curated a list of 80, yes eighty basics and essentials that will help you develop a wardrobe that works for any and all occasions. However, we are going to cover just a few to get you started. Basics and essentials are items that will remain in your wardrobe forever despite your age or style. So, don’t skimp on the price! When it comes to items that matter I have a simple rule: 1st fit, 2nd quality, 3rd Price. Keep that in mind as you begin to get your basics up to par. The following apply to both men and women, lets get started!

  1. Blazer.

    The key to having a great blazer is ensuring that each aspect of the blazer is tailored to fit to you. There are tons of different styles, colors and textures to choose from, however you should start with a basic black blazer. You should seek a blazer that is straight and crisp on the shoulders. The sleeve should hit at the heel of your hand. The front of the of the blazer should lie smooth and clean buttoned or not. When trying the fit of your blazer, move your arms all around. Ensure that the blazer moves with you and doesn't tug in any direction.

  2. White T-Shirt.

    Crisp, clean and well fitting is your key here! T-shirts are tricky. They are so functional that you’ll get a lot of wear out of them, which will cause you to have to replace them often. I find that once you find a brand that works for you, buy a few at a time so that you’re not wearing the same one too often. I try to get 5 at a time. The great thing about a good white T is that it can work for almost any occasion, dressed up or down. It’s my “lazy” or casual go-to when I don’t feel like doing a lot. Pair it with great fitting jeans, joggers, a-line skirt, shorts, a blazer, it all works.

  3. Denim Jacket.

    Denim jackets have been around for quite a few decades and occasionally disappear, but this gem is forever. It’s hard to mess this one up. While there are many versions, there are some things to keep in mind. Consider a color that’ll go with your style asthetic. You generally want to go dark or a deep mid range traditional blue. Variations in between will limit you and make you look like you’re trying to be trendy (a trend that’s most likely over). Keep it fitted. Denim jackets aren’t necessarily for warmth, so there’s no need to leave a lot of room underneath for heavy sweaters and the like. Style is the goal here.


I could go on for days and get into the details of all 80 basic and essentials, but you’ll have to book a session or that (wink wink). In the meantime, your fave has gifted you with a full list! Download and print here. Hang this in your closet and keep a running list to accumulate over time and get your wardrobe up to par! I can also help! Book your appointment here.

What item in your wardrobe do you always make sure

you keep up to par?

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