preparing for your consultation

Wardrobe consultations are an investment. It's an investment of your time, money and energy. At the point in which you are ready to invest in YOURSELF, you should be prepared to get the most that you can out of this experience. 

After booking your appointment, there is a little homework. To get the best out of your consultation, follow the below steps and get ready to be the best version of yourself.


Prepare Your Mind

The largest challenge of a wardrobe consutlation or any change is the mental barrier. Embrace the change and see the beauty in it. A large amount of time is taken convincing and explaining why the change is necessary. Even more time is taken explaining the need to let items go from the wardrobe that don't belong. Being prepared and open to the change is half of the battle. It can be difficult to rid of items that you once loved or fit well, but  a professional is hired to give unbiased and objective advisement to help you achive your goals. 


Weed Out

 So critical: Weed Out! This mean take a quick glance over your closet and determine that you want to keep it all. Take the time to go through and remove items that you KNOW don't belong in your wardrobe. Items that don't fit anymore, that are in poor shape, that you haven't worn in years. Removing items that you know would never make the cut saves a lot of time and increases the efficiency of the consultation. You’ll be surprised when you really give it a good look, how many items will be eliminated..


Change the Hangers

Changing over your hangers so they all match makes a significant difference in the organization of the closet. Wooden hangers are the preferred, but there are other quality options. . I can bring them along when they come to organize your closet. Just mention it when you set up an appointment. Imagine if you walked into a store and the hangers were all different, it would look like chaos. This will help your consultation go much faster and efficiently for you. 


Consultations Can Be Messy

Wadrobe consultations tend to be messy. Your professional is going through every item that you own. Be prepared for an organized mess of piles of Stays & Go's. Make sure you have bins or bags to help seperate things and an open space to accomodate the removal of items from your closet.