$95 Hr.



      It's not just about the clothes here! Shopping is a skill and requires precision in order to make a superb decision. Having a professional on-hand to purchase jewelry, home furnishings, gifts and clothes is worth the investment.   A Personal Shopping session is a block of time arranged for you to shop 1-on-1 with Christopher Djordje and receive direct on-location expert advisement.  

2 Hour minimum required.



 Recommended after a Wardrobe Consultation using specifications and details discussed, CPD will have clothing and accessory selections prepared for you in advance to outfit you for potential additions to your wardrobe.  

You will meet  at a  designated location and go directly to the dressing room to begin trying  your looks.  You will transition through looks while being given valuable feedback on what works best for your body, skin tone and lifestyle.


Optional: No need to be present! Set the budget, and let CPD do the shopping for you. An in-depth phone consultation is scheduled to assess necessary adddtions and he will personally deliver the items to you!