Wearing All White

Heading to teach a "Dress for Success" conference in Dallas, I was asked to wear all white. I thought this would be a good opportunity to discuss how to properly wear all white.

    I hate wearing all white. I think it's forced "I'm Classy" and lacks any true style. However, some occasions call for it and an event may require such attire. If you must there are a few things to keep in mind to keep yourself from looking like you're going to a family reunion. 

1. Fit, Fit, FIT. If the fit is right, you can't be wrong is one of my cardinal rules. Don't go for the maxi dress that's hanging on the sale rack. Opt for something that contours to your body. Absolutely see a tailor if necessary.


2. Try some off white hues. White white is so white! Geesh, clearly everyone is going to wear that and you won't stand out at all. The whiter it is, the more forced it look. Try a blanco or beige to smooth things out. Feel free to mix the hues.

3. Tone it down with neutral accessories. Don't wear white accessories with your all white please. Also, don't wear black. How basic.  Mixing in. natural colored accessories will give subtle and tasteful pop and complete a stylish look. 


How do you wear your all white look??