Deets of "Bad Boy Chic"



       Fashion is so fun to me. Women really get to have the most fun, but I love adding whimsy and flair to ordinary looks. I love to put my thumb right on the edge of rule and push just enough to cause a side eye. Leather shorts are a bit oxymoronic as leather is typically a material for warmth. But, why not! Add a little bad boy to your casual look. Checkered shirts are forever and I wanted add a playful flair to my trucker look. 

        Note that when you're adding fun and flair to classic looks, be subtle in your approach. You don't want to look to costume-like. I kept my colors natural and let my shirt be the statement piece. Besides, a 6'4" black man in tight black leather shorts is also a statement in itself. Neutral  and minimal accessories keep my look in check. Just enough for a double back side eye, but still stylish and functional. 




Hat: Dickies Trucker Hate   | Checkered Shirt: Deisel | Leather Shorts: Topman | Shoes: Converse