My Grey Coat


I have a thing for this coat. I use it frequently during the fall and winter times. A coat is apart of my BASICS + ESSENTIALS checklist. It's one of the most important articles of clothing that you'll ever own, so you should really invest in a good one and one that you really love. For me, my clothes have to be versatile and allow me to use them in multiple ways and with lots of other clothing. Having items that go well with other items give more value to my clothes and give me to freedom to have more options to find matching pairs.

     This is coat is from TOPMAN, a British brand that's recent to the United States and very popular across the world. I bought this coat at the end of the winter season and beginning of spring, the best time to shop for clothes. Clothing retailers give their biggest discounts and sales during season changes, but especially from winter to spring and from summer to fall.

I got this wool-blend coat for $84 from a retail $499.

     I chose this coat because of the neutrality of the color, allowing me to be versatile, and the weight of the fabric. I can wear this coat with formalwear or casualwear. The wool blend is heavy enough to insulate, but not bulky to where it would restrain my movement. Comfort and convenience are just as important to me as the next person, however, I wouldn't sacrifice them for style!


I often say that beauty isn't pain-free and style is my primary choice when selecting clothing. You have to decide what's most important to you. No matter what you decide, whether it be comfort, price or convenience, make sure it looks good and you feel great.