Breaking the Rules


Yesterday was a bit of a culture shock. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a conservative corporate environment. I was irked the entire day. If I saw one more pair of khakis with a plaid button-up I was going to puke. So, today I had to get more comfortable. Yea, I disrupted a few of the traditional workplace attire rules, but I’m Christopher Djordje and this is what I do.


There are unspoken rules that say bright colors aren’t professional . Well, I don’t care. I’m obsessed with these banana yellow pants from Banana Republic. I’ve had them a couple years, but they always have a version available. The blazer is an old Zara find. It was from a few seasons ago, but they didn't have my size at the time, so I never got it. But, Poshmark is one of my secret weapons. I found the blazer browsing one day and got it for about $100 brand new. Anytime your ensemble has splashy details like ornate colors or patterns, you’ve got to cool it down with solid and easy accompaniments. The Banana Republic pima cotton t-shirt is my favorite. It’ the right texture and thickness, I don’t like the soft version. I love the stitching and the width of the collar.


I’m sure you’ve seen the Gucci mules that have swept the world. Well, I’m not laced with Gucci money and I’m very selective with my splurges. The Gucci mules are too trendy for me to pay the cost of them at this stage of my life. Found these gems at good ol’ Steve Madden. Madden is good for a replica and the quality if great.

How do you break the rules at work? Share in the comments below.