Crazy for Banana


I’m working on a project this week that calls for me to work in an office setting with boring ol’ “9 to 5ers”. With that being said, my usual threads wouldn’t be appropriate in this rather conservative workspace. So, I took a stroll through one of staple go-to stores, Banana Republic. Banana is one of the few stores that always get it right and is fantastic for getting your basics and essentials, which I can’t stress enough. They have a great sale going on and I took full advantage! I’ll be rocking Banana all week.


Aside from my favorite grey coat and these shoes, this look is from Banana Republic. Keep up with me this week as I’m agonizing over having to work in boring ol’ corporate America. Pray for me! Ugh.


Shirt: Banana Republic Luxe Flannel Grid Shirt

Pants: Athletic Tapered Heathered Traveler Pant

How do you feel about corporate America dress codes? Share with me in the comments below…