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     It's tough being an entrepreneur. It's a glamorous word that completely glorifies the life of what it takes to be a successful busines owner.  Growing my career is my daily motivation and goal. I get so discouraged sometimes when I feel like I don't know the right answer. So many successful entrepreneurs make owning a business look easy and fabulous. You frequently hear the "sleep when you're dead"  and "hustle hard" which gives you the impression that if you have a moment of weakness that you're failing and that you won't be successful.

       Being a successful business owner requires you to be elastic. You have to be open and willing to go with the flow and adapt to your environment. Today I don't feel like hustling hard. I'm worn out from working my actual job and I don't even know where to begin today in all the things I want to do for my business. I have tons of lists and ideas, but they all seem jumbled up and extraneous. I get distracted, I get sleepy, I get hungry and I beat myself to a pulp judging myself for not being focused all day. It makes me feel like a failure and that I'm never going to reach the pinnacle of my success.

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      Diddy and Jay-Z make it look good. They have reached the point where they can enjoy more of the fruit of their labor, however, the grind never stops. It's so easy to get disillusioned with what it takes to really own a successful business. My advice is to do the best that YOU can. I do find that a major key to success is consistency though.  I struggle with that the most. I love what I do and I want to share my passion and gift with the world, but the ability to make time to share my gift and have the ingenuity is difficult to do, consistently. 

     I'm in the struggle! But, I'm continuing to strive and make it happen, I recommend that you do the same. Try to make a change everyday for the better. Seek to constantly improve your process so that those lazy days aren’t as frequent. And finally, make more moves and make less announcements.