Ignoring Text Messages... Why?



We live in a digital world where there are multiple avenues  to communicate with each other. Many of which don't require your voice, face or direct contact with each other. I am a human just like all of you and have experienced many times where received communication isn't convenient at the moment. I personally consider myself to be "normal" in my communicating, but in comparison to the people I encounter (friends, family, coworkers, employers etc.) I find that I seem to be exceptional. I've been particularly perplexed at the practice of NOT responding to a communication. For this particular post, let's stick to text messages.



      I've taken a collection of explanations from several people who practice not responding to text messages. Many of the responses came from people who have ignored MY text messages, many are not as my effort to ask them about this topic didn't get a response. This data was collected so that we can begin to understand why this is so prevalent.


1. They don't like you.

2. They didn't feel like it. (I've tried to get more elaboration on this one, to no avail)

3. I forgot to press send. (Upon further investigation, this isn't as common as people make it out to be.)

4. You don't respond or take an extended time to respond to their text messages. ( passive/aggressive retaliation for your lack of response to the previous message.)

 5.  People are at work. Though the text message may be seen, most don't have the aptitude to go back and respond when they get free time. (I personally disagree. But, ok!)

6. They know it gets on your nerves when they don't respond and want to punish you for something you may or may not know bothered them.

7. The battery died. (I assume the person forgot to recharge their brain as well and respond to the text when it showed up as they powered their phone)

8. They find your text message dialogue boring is preoccupying themselves with social media antics and eventually forget to respond.

9. Your number isn't saved for whatever endless reason. They are afraid you might be: Fred, Lou, Cindy or some person they don't want to talk to.

10. They genuinely don't know and have no real answer. (This irks me the most, get rid of these people.)