What is a Wardrobe Consultant?


A wardrobe consultant is someone trained to select clothing, accessories, and other luxury goods that help you refine/define your style.

Do I need a Wardrobe Consultant?


Do you care about how you look? Are you busy? Do you care how others perceive you? Then yes! These are just a few reasons you need a personal stylist.

What is a Lifestyle Consultant ?


A lifestyle consultant is a professional that partners with individuals to navigate and improve their client's lives in areas such as relationships, style, organization, healthy eating and fitness.

I can't afford something like this....

I didn't design my service for the rich and famous. I don't work or commissions or budget. My consulting services are offered by the hour on a non-committal basis. Hourly services allow clients to use consulting services when they have funds available to use it. 

I don't live a high profile lifestyle... 



Neither do I. If you LIVE and BREATHE then you deserve to live your best life. Looking and feeling your best is paramount, no matter your lifestyle profile. Looking the part is a major key and wardrobe is personal reflection of who you are and what you represent to the rest of the world.