It's  "George". I know, easier than it looks :-p

            I'm a Lifestyle and Image Consultant based in Atlanta, Georgia. Though I was born and raised in the south, I've never felt quite southern. I've always led a a fanciful life in my head, despite spending many of my formative years in project housing.  Raised by a single mother and being the only boy out of 7 had a more significant impact on my life than I thought! I consider myself to be a southern gentleman with global flair.

       I started this website, turned blog many years ago, transitioning over and over from idea to idea. Those who know me well know that my passion runs deep for innovative and fabulous things. Most know me for my vivid and textured themes of luxurious living and wardrobing.  I've had various work experience from working as a professional Personal Shopper for major retailers, stylist, interior designer, personal assistant, wedding planner and independent wardrobe consultant. I've always been driven by beautiful things and living a life that is full and genuine, from the inside out. 

       I have experienced so much in my short time here on earth and I intend to make the most of the valuable time I have here on earth. In my world there is no stone left unturned. Every leather bound pillow is fluffed and the Hermes china is set!  Everyone is warmly and cordially invited to join my never-ending soiree. Be prepared for floor length gowns, cocktail rings on Wednesday afternoons, fabulous tiffin dates, plenty of shimmy, a dash of opulence and an occasional ostrich feather.

              As you can see, I lead a pretty sparkly existence over here. But, there have been some major hurdles and interesting byways on my journey. I want you to join me. I don't need a special occasion to dress up, do a nice gesture, treat myself or have an extravagant meal. I am the occasion for whatever I want to do and my life is deserving of the best.My friends and people who me know me best call me CPD. You can too.

- Christopher Djordje, #CPD